Understanding RTP and House Edge

Choosing Games For Better Returns

Key Principles

  • Higher RTP = Better (Usually): As a general rule, games with higher RTP offer a better theoretical return over the long term. Since the house edge is the opposite of RTP, this means seeking games with a low house edge. It’s your statistical edge.
  • Understand Long-Term: Remember, RTP doesn’t guarantee individual wins. Short-term volatility and luck still play a huge role. This strategy is about maximizing potential over many sessions, not a get-rich-quick scheme.
  • Game Type Matters: RTP ranges vary drastically between game types. Table games often have higher RTPs (lower house edges) than slot machines. Knowing these general ranges helps you narrow your focus.

What To Do?

Do Your Research

  • Reliable Sources: Utilize reputable online resources that list RTPs for various casinos and games. Some online casinos may even list RTP within the game information itself.
  • Game-Specific RTP: Note that RTP can vary within the same game type based on specific rules or side bets. Always check the RTP of the exact variation you intend to play.

Prioritize by RTP

  • Set a Threshold: Decide your minimum acceptable RTP (e.g., only play games above 96%). This narrows your focus immediately.
  • Rank Your Options: If deciding between multiple games, list them by descending RTP. This allows for direct comparison.

Balance with Other Factors

  • Variance: Do you prefer frequent small wins (low variance) or the potential for less frequent but larger jackpots (high variance)? Understand this alongside RTP.
  • Skill Element: Are you drawn to games like Blackjack where skillful play can slightly improve your odds? Factor this into your decision.
  • Enjoyment: At the end of the day, casino games are entertainment. Don’t sacrifice fun for a slight RTP edge! Choose games within your RTP threshold that you genuinely enjoy.

Understanding RTP can make a significant difference in how you approach your casino sessions. Let’s break down these three visually appealing slot games and want to make a strategic choice that maximizes your potential return:

  • Slot A: Boasts an RTP of 94%, which translates to a house edge of 6%.
  • Slot B: Offers a more enticing RTP of 96.5%, giving it a lower house edge of 3.5%.
  • Slot C: Falls in the middle with an RTP of 95% and a corresponding house edge of 5%.

Focusing solely on RTP, Slot B emerges as the most strategic choice.  Over a significant number of spins, it has the theoretical potential to pay back a higher percentage of your wagers compared to the other two slots.

What To Remember

  • RTP and Individual Sessions: RTP is a long-term metric. You could still have a big win on the lower RTP Slot A or experience a frustrating losing streak on Slot B during any single session due to luck and volatility.
  • Responsible Play Paramount: Always gamble within your means. Set strict limits on both your time and spending at the casino, regardless of a game’s RTP.
  • RTP Fluctuations: It’s possible, though uncommon, for casinos to adjust the RTP of their slot machines. While major shifts are rare, it’s good practice to verify the current RTP of your chosen game, or even the online software provider, especially if you’re planning to wager significant amounts.


By combining an understanding of RTP with responsible gambling practices and a bit of research to confirm its accuracy, you empower yourself to make informed decisions at the casino. This approach helps stretch your entertainment budget further and promotes a more sustainable approach to slots or other casino games for long-term enjoyment and better investment returns.